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Enable Hyper-V Integration Services for a VM

This cmdlet was introduced in Windows Server 2012 and has been expanded in Windows Server 2012 R2 to add the Guest Service Interface parameter. This service is turned off by default and must be enabled either through the settings page in Hyper-V Manager for each VM of interest or by using a PowerShell command as inEnable-VMIntegrationService -Name "Guest Service Interface" "Baseline 2012 Server." 

While the Enable/Disable VMIntegrationService cmdlets allow a single integration service to be enabled, there's no wildcard capability to enable all.
However, you can enable all with a simple PowerShell command. Simply set the name of the virtual machine (VM) in the first part and last part of the command, and all integration services will be enabled.

"Get-VMIntegrationService -VMName <virtual machine name> |
ForEach-Object { Enable-VMIntegrationService -Name $_.Name -VMName <virtual machine name>}"

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