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Configure Windows Deployment Services

Step By Step Configure Windows Deployment Services

1.    While you are log in as domain admin account or local administrators group members, go to Server Manager and click Tools then click Windows Deployment Services in order to open it.
2.    On the Windows Deployment Services console page expand the Servers and right click the Server then click Configure Server.
3.    On the Windows Deployment Services Configuration Wizard page, read it once and click Next.
4.    On the Install Options page select integrated with Active Directory and then click Next.
5.    On the Remote Installation Folder Location (D:\RemoteInstall), select the location where you want to keep all Windows Images and configuration files and then click Next.
6.    On the PXE Server Initial Settings page select Respond to all client computers (Know and unknown) and click Next. Remember, we are in the test area so in the real network environment select whatever you want.
7.    The sever will start and complete the configuration. On the Operation Complete page unchecked the Add image to server now and then click Finish 

The installation has completed successfully. To continue the WDS configuration, adding Windows images and creating capture image read the following articles.

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