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Deploying Windows Server Using WDS

Deploying Windows Server using Windows Deployment Services with Windows Server 2012 R2, we already added Windows server install.wim image and created a boot image also.

The WDS Server is ready to response for client requests. Make sure that the active directory and DHCP Server are running and work perfectly. It depends to your network environment; I have installed Active directory and DHCP Server in one server and WDS on the separate server which is the member of domain. You can install them on one server, both of them work the same but installing on the same server is not a good practice in real environment.

1.    Go to Target Server and boot it with network card (Pxe). In BIOS you have to set the boot option to boot from the network and just turn on the server.
2.    The system will boot from network, so ask you to press F12 for network service boot. Press F12 to boot the system with Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE).
3.    On the Windows Setup page, select the language and keyboard then click Next. The system will ask you the credential, type user name and password and click OK.
4.    You must enter the correct user name and password, otherwise you will face credential errors and unable to continue.
5.    Now select each Windows image you want to install. Select the and click Next.

6.    Follow other process are the same as the clear installation of a windows Server operating system.

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