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Create Datacenter and add ESXi host to VMware Vcenter 6.0 using PowerCLI

VMware vSphere PowerCLI is a command-line interface (CLI) tool for automating vSphere and vCloud management. VMware vSphere PowerCLI debuted as the VMware Infrastructure Toolkit, also called the VI Toolkit.
PowerCLI commands are executed in Windows PowerShell by using PowerShell cmdlets. PowerCLI cmdlets are available for VMware High Availability and Distributed Resource Scheduler setup, infrastructure activity reporting, VM ownership alerts and other tasks. 
PowerCLI 6.3 Release1 requires Windows  PowerShell 3.0 and a supported version of .NET Framework. This latest tool version includes the vCloud Director PowerCLI snapin. 
In this chapter we are going connect VI servers using PowerCLI and create new DataCenter in VCenter, also we how to add new host in VCenter server using PowerCLI.
Connect to VCenter Server.

To Connect VCenter server using powercli cmdlet "Connect-VIServer"

Creating a new DataCenter

To Create New DataCenter Name Called "LAB" use PowerCLI cmdlet "New-Datacenter"

Once DataCenter is crated you can cross verify using "Get-DataCenter" Command.

Add Esxi Host to Newly created DataCenter "LAB"

To add new Esxi host to newly created Datacenter use "Add-VMHost" command.

monitor the progress on screen

Once host get added successfully you can seen connection status and all other host related details like CPU, Memory usages, total CPU and Memory capacity.

To check all host in Data Center you can use "Get-VMhost", it will show list of host under VCenter DataCenter.

I will be adding more article for VMware administration with PowerCLI  

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