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Best Practices of Data Center Infrastructure Migrating to Cloud

Many company’s migrating to Cloud infrastructure under Infrastructure-as a-Service (IaaS) to modernizing infrastructure. Migration can be happen many directions Physical to Cloud, Private cloud to Public Cloud and vise versa public cloud to private cloud

A Poor migration strategy can be pull in too many issues and can be responsible for migration roadblocks, time delays, additional cost.

Adopting Your Migration Strategy:

  • System Replication: It is good option for applications which can afford short downtime with less configuration, this option is best if moving Physical/Virtual infrastructure to Private Cloud. It is more benefit to VMware infrastructure, since it can be package bundle with VM+VApp to OVF and can be migrate to virtualized server. Mostly Tier1 and Tier2 applications can take more benefits from this option, less configuration and more Data.
  • Disaster Recovery: This option is useful in senior of Private Virtual/Cloud infrastructure disaster plan, you have already invested in virtual/ private cloud and you want high availability in terms of heavy resource utilization for short time like share load or disaster recovery. You can migrate your infrastructure to public cloud.
  • Physical to Virtual (Cloud) migration:Now many cloud providers have this option open for businesses which still running on physical infrastructure. Almost all provider support and user their best P2V or P2C migration tools to migrate Physical to Virtual/Private Cloud/Public Cloud. It is good option for Tier 2 or 3 application which can afford downtime.
These are general strategy for cloud migration, there will be many based on your company infrastructure topology and utilization requirement, will see more option in following blog.

Best Practice to avoid risk:

  • Understand Data Severity: When migrating applications from a physical data center to a private or public cloud, we should take data severity into account, and the data itself will be the heaviest part. It is not easy path to shrink down the data, so if you need to evaluate the bulk of the data in the app you’re considering migrating. Particularly if you’re a high transaction company, or if it’s a high transaction application, there would be a major of data to replicate. The data of the app establishes 90 percent of the data importance of the application.
  • Understand Application Topology:It is very important to understand application topology during migrating to cloud, need to identify dependent services or application you migrating application, any database or data App is referring. You need to design your cloud infrastructure accordingly, to reach App to dependent component or if those are also going to migrate on cloud, then plan per best priority. These are all basic points but can be cause major roadblock.

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