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Cisco Nexus 1000V – VMWare vSphere Distributed Switch – Part-I

Virtual Distributed Switch, In this topic we will discussion about Cisco Nexus 1000V Distributed Switch.

In Virtualization world Cisco come with Nexus 1000V Distributed Switch to intricate with VMware VSphere at VCenter.

Below topology diagram will visualize you about its function, we will go through it’s functions and how to install and configure on VShpere environment.

With Cisco Nexus 1000V you get the following benefits that vSphere Distributed Switch does not deliver:

IP Source Guard – provides source IP address filtering using information in DHCP snooping database.

VxLAN support – Layer 2 network isolation technology for network virtualization

Cisco TrustSec SGA support – allows organizations to enforce identity-based network access
Dynamic ARP Inspection – monitors ARP packets on untrusted ports to validate IP to MAC bindings.

Cisco VSG support – multitenant, stateful, distributed firewall enabling micro segmentation and zone based policy enforcement.

DHCP Snooping – advance security of a DHCP infrastructure by determining traffic sources are trusted or not and by maintaining dynamic table of hosts’ mac addresses, leased IP addresses, vlans and associated interfaces.

Also Supported and Integration with other virtual Services:
ASA 1000v
CSRv 1000v

Cisco Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) is available in Advanced Edition of Nexus 1000v only. In a way it is functionality comparable to vSphere NSX.

Nexus 1000v works on different types of hypervisors which makes it easier for Networking team to support multi-hypervisor environments or simplifies migration from one hypervisor to another.

There is no vDS command line interface comparable to Nexus CLI. Apart from GUI configuration you can either take advantage of PowerCLI vDS command-let. Alternatively, there are ESXi host level commands esxcli or esxcfg, but none of them is as easy and powerful as Nexus CLI.

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