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How To Setup IIS 10 Web Manager Console/Tool

Microsoft developed new REST API for administering IIS. It has been released first version of IIS Administration API with windows server 2016 and it can be access by browsing https://manage.iis.net.

https://manage.iis.net is API based web console application, it designed to control all the IIS servers from this console which is running admin api.

This IIS manager console can be access from anywhere and from any device (Tab, Mobile), when you will  access this site first time it will allow you to download IIS Administration API.
Enable IIS and .Net Core, ASP.NET Core Module before installation this API.

Below is first look of console.

Getting Started with Setup and configuration:

Connect to your IIS server it will give you below two options, 
  • IIS on Local system
  • IIS on Remote system
By default, only members of the Administrators group and IIS Administrators group have access to configure IIS using the IIS Administration API. The browser may prompt you to enter your windows credentials whenever connecting.

by default it will show you the local system connection details, to secure your connection you need to get access token.

To get access token click on "Get Access Token" link within the console page.

Click Create Access Key, it will give you the option to set up expire period as 1 Day, 1Month, 3Months, 1Year, Never , you can specify access key purpose name.

You will get access keys as shown in below snap.

By using generated new key you can access your IIS server using secure web admin console.

You will able View all your sites and it's status on console, there many other options which will give you create and manage your sites. you can add more servers under this console by clicking in settings as shows below.

Microsoft plan to add monitoring and dashboard tabs as well. By clicking on a sites you will be able to configure it and clicking the “Server Manager” button will bring you to settings for the entire web server.

Microsoft currently working on to get more option on this console, you can also customise your won dashboard using API, also you can automate many things under it.

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