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Overview of Google Cloud IoT Core

Google Cloud IoT & IoT Core is a fully managed service that allows you to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from millions of globally dispersed devices. Google Cloud IoT Core, in combination with other services on Google Cloud IoT platform, provides a complete solution for collecting, processing, analyzing, and visualizing IoT data in real time to support improved operational efficiency.

Google Cloud IoT Core architecture

Google Cloud IoT is a complete set of tools to connect, process, store, and analyze data both at the edge and in the cloud. The platform consists of scalable, fully-managed cloud services; an integrated software stack for edge/on-premises computing with machine learning capabilities; and managed Android Things OS for all your IoT needs. Google Cloud IoT Core, using Cloud Pub/Sub underneath, can aggregate dispersed device data into a single global system that integrates seamlessly with Google Cloud data analytics services. Use your IoT data stream for advanced analytics, visualizations, machine learning, and more to help improve operational efficiency, anticipate problems, and build rich models that better describe and optimize your business.

Gain real-time business insights from globally dispersed devices, at the edge or in the cloud, with comprehensive services from Google Cloud IoT. Device data captured by Cloud IoT Core gets published to Cloud Pub/Sub for downstream analytics. Easily do ad hoc analysis using Google Big Query or run advanced analytics and apply machine learning with Cloud Machine Learning  Engine. Plus, you can visualize results with rich reports and dashboards in Google Data Studio.

Securely connect a few or millions of your globally dispersed devices through protocol endpoints that use automatic load balancing and horizontal scaling to ensure smooth data ingestion under any condition. Google Cloud IoT Core supports the standard MQTT and HTTP protocols, so you can use your existing devices with minimal firmware changes. Google Cloud IoT Core runs on Google’s server less infrastructure, which scales automatically in response to real-time changes and adheres to stringent industry-standard security protocols that protect your business data.

Extend AI capabilities to gateways and edge devices with Google Cloud IoT Edge and Edge TPU™, Google’s purpose-built hardware accelerator chip. With Google Cloud IoT platform, you can run IoT solutions with machine learning capabilities both locally and in the cloud. The result is edge and gateway devices that deliver deep insights faster from locally generated data. Bring device data into your everyday business through a secure, intelligent, and responsive IoT data pipeline created by Google Cloud IoT Core. Rely on the intelligence of Android Things to push out automatic firmware updates, or easily push your own device updates with Google Cloud IoT Core. Centrally manage your entire IoT data network from a single pane of glass. Cloud IoT Core works out of the box with Android Things devices and other devices from leading hardware manufacturers. You can easily reduce capital expenditures on your IoT projects and maintenance costs with a pay-as-you-go service.

Discover how efficiently your devices operate, manage global assets, and carry out firmware updates on Google Cloud IoT platform. The platform supports a wide variety of embedded operating systems, works seamlessly with Android Things, and provides out-of-the-box support for devices from leading manufacturers like Intel and Microchip. Plus, trigger automatic changes based on real-time events using Cloud Functions workflows. Google Cloud IoT provisioning service (early access) is an add-on service for Google Cloud IoT Core that simplifies the device provisioning and on-boarding experience for Google Cloud IoT customers and OEMs. It performs secure, hassle-free device provisioning by leveraging tamper-resistant hardware-based security, otherwise referred to as a crypto chip or Secure Element (SE) from OEM partners, enabling customers to provision millions of devices to the right Google Cloud IoT Core without human intervention.

Make your business location-aware with the power of Google Maps. Visualize where assets are in real time, where they’ve traveled, and how often they’ve moved. Whether your IoT assets are indoors, in remote areas, or distributed across hundreds of cities, track them with precision.

Intelligence in the moment with Google Cloud IoT

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